Introduction to Forex and Stock trading


This guide is to introduce you to a world of trading, from little to no experience, this guide will enable you to trade and make money.

Trading is a lot about controlling your emotions and trading in an unemotional logical way, so if you are an emotional person and cannot disconnect from a trade, you will need to learn to manage your emotions and give some real thought before placing real money.

One basic principle that you need to remember; All of these courses available on line have one thing in common – they teach you the tools which everyone uses. We are going to show you them so you are aware, but this course is a foundation to understand the markets and help you learn to trade like a robot.

Includes FREE printable trade table for you to record you trades.

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What the guide covers:

The markets
What are they and different instruments

Setting up an account
Where to go, what to do. Long term investor vs day trader

Tools to use
So many indicators and chart patterns but what to do

Risk reward strategy
The risk/reward ratio marks the prospective reward an investor can earn