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I have been trading for 9 years and technical analysis plays a huge part of my strategy when it comes to trading indices, FX and commodities.

The help and guidance I have received from Invexor has been second to none. There are many elements to executing the so called ‘perfect trade’, Invexor training helps you understand what those elements are, why they are so important and how to go about implementing them into your trading strategy.

In the past, I’ve had charting guidance, but it’s never really sunk in. Invexor delivers information in a way that makes sense and aides your understanding. I have a made a lot of money since discovering Invexor and cannot recommend this enough. Invexor can provide you with the level of education to suit you, it doesn’t matter if you are someone who has never traded before or someone, like me, who has been trading for a very long time.


I’m relitivly new to trading, done it on and off for a year or so, never really felt I was on the right track, I felt everyone else new something I didn’t or was missing until I was put onto Invexor.

Invexor is like no system of teaching I have come accross, no promise of the world just straight to the point with realistic resuilts and structured in a way that feels personal and comfortable to learn.

The first time I looked through Invexor i had nothing but lightbulb moments, Invexor explains things in a way that is easy to understand and easy to connect the dots.

Invexor helps to understand and use the tools available, structure your trades, balance risk and profit and have a better understanding of where the markets are going but also how they get there.

This for me gave me a different perspective to trading and I feel im more in control of my trades.

I highly recommend Invexor, its changed the way I think and trade.